Our 10th Anniversary party was a BLAST! We were packed throughout the night and so many prize winners including a 10,000RMB top prize!

The 10 Year anniversary was one of the easiest parties to organise because everyone knew what to do.

With Bruce & his team in the kitchen, Jack & Lan’s team in the bar, Digi & Julie’s service team and Sam & Janet’s organising the admin meant everything was in hand and not much to worry about.

The new online ticketing system was a huge success with 373 people registered for the BBQ it was by far the best registration system we’ve used, and most of the customers commented how easy it was to use.

We apologies to those that did not register for the free BBQ but it would have been wrong of us to allow you the BBQ and as if to prove my point, we ran out of food on the BBQ even though we cooked for 400.

So we hope next year everyone will look at the ads in the local magazines and in the pub as they all said “REGISTER FOR YOUR FREE BBQ TICKET”

Not that we are complaining as we also served 300+ a la carte meals that day as well.

The party was tremendous fun with a lot going on over the evening from the disco to bell rings to the cake cutting and of course the lucky draw.

Every person at the event received a present of a anniversary key ring and mobile phone accessory back stand.

We again thank everyone for their patronage and remember to book for our 11th anniversary on June 24th 2017.

We have added the photo’s to the gallery for all to enjoy.

On to the photos! For Gallery Part 2 CLICK ME!