This years annual Chili Cook off was by far the most successful and enjoyable held so far with every one involved, teams and organisers saying how much they enjoyed the day.

This year also saw over ¥110,000 for Dragons Kids Baseball which is an amazing amount. This helps keep the baseball free for all the 100+ children now playing baseball in Dongguan. 75% of the kids are Chinese some of which would not be able to play if charged.
今年我们为东莞龙募筹到了超过 ¥110,000的惊人数额,这笔资金可允许一百余孩童在东莞免费打棒球,否则,占球队75%的中国孩童中将有的几个孩童会因为需要缴费而错失打棒球的机会。


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