As in previous years, One For The Road’s 2019 has seen it’s highs and lows.

It is always sad to see regulars leaving Dongguan mainly because in One for the Road regulars are friends and as in 2018, 2019 saw too many friends go.

And as in life we make new friends, the old friends leaving take a little piece of you with them.

2019 saw One For The Road host the 19th China Nash Hash and all the veteran hashers agreed that Dongguan proved to be a competent host city and doubt any Hash in the past or future can host a Nash Hash event to the same standard as was provided here.

One For The Road also hosted the Dongguan Dragons 9th annual Chili Cook Off. The calibre of Chilies at this years event was the best ever and everyone attending left happily filled and some left with enough energy to dance the night away at the after party!

Thanks to all those attending the Dragons raised enough money to support another year for the kids to play for free, ALL 250+ of them! 感谢出席参加“东莞龙”辣椒竞赛的所有人,是你们的支持使筹集资金活动圆满结束、是你们圆了250余名孩童下一年能免费打球的梦!