When One for the Road first opened nowhere in town celebrated Independence Day.
One for the Road stepped to the plate for our American regulars, and by the second year we introduced a tradition of a softball match USA versus RoW (Rest of World). When Shooters came about and then Pals. Out of respect of them being American bars we took a step back from fourth of July celebrations but still keeping the tradition of the softball.

This year the annual softball match will be on Saturday July 8. Meeting at the pub 10am to start at the ground 11am.

If you would like to play for USA (you must be an American passport holder) or RoW (One or more parents need to be non-American) then please contact Jason at the pub.
如果您想代表美国队参加比赛(您必须持有美国护照)或 您想代表其他国家队(您的父母需要至少一人非美国人),那么您便可以联系Jason报名参加比赛了。

Food and drink is available at the ground on the day with all proceeds going to the Dongguan dragons kids baseball club.

Some photos from last years game:

Some photos from 2 years ago: