Personally I look forward to our annual USA vs RoW as it’s had such fun days in the past.
个人而言,我期待我们一年一度 美国队 vs 其他国家队 的垒球比赛,它成就了一次又一次的美好时光。

But nothing has compared to this years!

With some sneaky back room negotiations the RoW pulled a couple of players using their mothers nationalities, the Rest of World team nearly caused an astonishing upset when they were 6-5 down at the top of the final inning with bases loaded. One solid hit could have forced USA into the final inning and even a jaw dropping win!

Least to say that our American brethren looked somewhat relieved at the end as well as being a little annoyed some of their friends were not allowed to come out and play.

But the day was such fun we have agreed to try revitalise the once a month softball (see events).

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