The Brazilian BBQ night on Friday nights has proven to be popular although we’ve experienced problems along the way.

Weather 天气 – With the excessive rain we’ve experienced this year it is difficult to predict what the Friday will be like.

Vianei has decided rain or shine to go ahead every Friday.

Food quantities 食物数量 – It is very difficult for Vianei because if he cooks too much he throws food away losing money. If people don’t reserve in advance he never knows how much to prepare for and could run out of food.

Vianei will prepare for 40 people total unless bookings have exceeded that number. If you are a walk in and the numbers are below 40 you can enjoy the BBQ, if already have 40 then you can have a lovely meal at One for the Road and reserve for the following week.

So come enjoy the BBQ Nights with delicious food, great drinks in the best beer garden in town!