Many of our customers already know One for the Road likes to keep active with both the British Consulate and the British Chamber of Commerce.

We have been involved in functions with both here in Dongguan as well as events in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

On October 29, the British Chamber of Commerce had a meet and greet at One for the Road

The global recruitment consultancy firm “Michael Page” co-sponsored the event by buying all the beer and One for the Road supplied all the food.

The main topic for the day was foreign businesses representative licenses compared to wholly owned foreign enterprise licenses (WOFE).

The guest speaker for the nights was Stephen O’Regan from the firm “Dezan Shira & Associates”

The topic was very well presented and all of a lot of interest to those that attended in fact One for the Road will be using Dezan Shira & Associates services ourselves.

To attend these events you do not need to be a member of the British Chamber of Commerce although it helps, you do not need to be British or work for a British company anybody or any company is welcome to join the British Chamber of Commerce as a member.

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