We delayed the May newsletter so we could give a small recap on the Bulldogs Rugby Tournament. 

The day started early for the pub and the tournament organisers (Woody & Gareth actually started the day before). And a band of motley volunteers determined to do their best to make the day a success.
当天,酒吧工作人员和举办橄榄球赛的负责人早早便开始筹备了(尤其是负责人Woody Gareth 已于头一天就开始筹备了)还有一帮志愿者为了能让这场比赛成功举办而各自竭尽所能。

9am First thing to do was set up the 300sq/m inflatable pub which proved to be a challenge to say the least.and lots of lessons were learned in the process.

11am Once we eventually got control of the situation setting up the bar area and kitchens were second nature.

11:15am and we were already serving cold soft drinks and wine whilst the beer coolers were desperately trying to fight the elements to get the coils cold enough (by midday the feel like factor was hitting 40*C 104*F) which made the pub an awesome place of refuge.

By 12pm we were serving beer and food.

Over the next 5 hours we served 553 meals and 1,000+ drinks.

The kids rugby set off first with a lot of excited parents screaming their children on to victory. And the Bulldog pups went on to win 2 of their 3 games. 

Next up was the women’s rugby and the Bulldogs women’s section and this was the first tournament they have entered and for some players the first contact rugby they have ever played.
They played two games winning both times to be the champs of the day.

Finally the men’s rugby tournament had teams from Guangzhou Rams, Shenzhen Dragon’s, FoShan Sharks, Kowloon Dragons (HK), USRC Tigers (HK) and SCAU (South China Agricultural University) and the Dongguan Bulldogs.
最后,男子橄榄球比赛中有来自广州的Rams队,深圳的Dragon’s队,佛山的Sharks队,香港的Kowloon Dragons队,香港的USRC Tigers队,华南农业大学的SCAU队以及东莞的Bulldogs队。

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The Bulldogs came through top of the group to meet the Shenzhen Dragons in the final. The Bulldogs scored early with a great driving try with the Dragons equalising before half time. The Dragons took the lead with a fortuitous break away try and the Bulldogs equalising at the end of the second half.

Unfortunately due to a rule change (ironically proposed by the Bulldogs) the Dragons won due to the position of where they scored their tries (this is due to no posts to kick through) so instead of sudden death the Dragons walked of with the trophy and the Bulldogs will wait for the inevitable day when they win their first trophy.

In all it was a great day and we thank all whom attended. The Food & Drink revenue through pre-sold tickets and purchases on the day generated over ¥45,000 which the pub donated entirely to the Dongguan Bulldogs Rugby Club! This helped pay for the ambulance services, medics on the day, and still had plenty left over which will be used to buy balls and help equip local schools that have an interest in rugby for their students and enhance the DG Bulldogs children’s rugby programme. 

For One for the Road it was a particularly nice moment to see the success of the Bulldogs as the pub only started the rugby in Dongguan 2 years prior. We never imagined contact would start so quickly and this is down the the exhaustive efforts from Woody Woodward and also Gareth Russell there are also other key figures within the driving momentum of the club and would recommend the actual formation of a committee to help guide the club in the future.
对于路上一杯,看到斗牛犬如此成功是极其美好的时刻,因为酒吧两年前才开始这一运动项目,我们不曾想到这一队伍会成长得如此之快、如此庞大。而这一切都要归功于Woody WoodwardGareth Russel,当然还有其他为该俱乐部增加动力、给予指导与帮助的委员会们都是促进这一情形的关键人物。

The pub would also like to mention the awesome efforts put out by Adam & Joss Crase for their video and photography, Pete Small for his awesome DJ-ing skills at the ground and Jason Koranda for his slip and slides and other water sports activity equipment which helped to keep a lot of children occupied between and after the games. 
酒吧还要提一提及其努力、及其尽心尽力操控无人机的摄影师Adam & Joss Crase,还有DJ Pete Small带来的炫酷音乐,以及Jason Koranda在这样炎热的天气里给孩子们带来的水上运动设备。

And finally I would like to thank all 11 staff members and my wife for the tireless effort on the day serving everyone. They were so busy they didn’t even have time to eat for themselves and stayed 2+ hours after everyone had left to pack everything up and load it on trucks to bring back to the pub and a further one hour to off load and put back into our storage. One for the Road is very lucky to have such a dedicated group of individuals who are as solid as a team as any of those that were on the field that day.