This years annual Chili Cook off was by far the most successful and enjoyable held so far with every one involved, teams and organisers saying how much they enjoyed the day.

This year also saw over ¥110,000 for Dragons Kids Baseball which is an amazing amount. This helps keep the baseball free for all the 100+ children now playing baseball in Dongguan. 75% of the kids are Chinese some of which would not be able to play if charged.
今年我们为东莞龙募筹到了超过 ¥110,000的惊人数额,这笔资金可允许一百余孩童在东莞免费打棒球,否则,占球队75%的中国孩童中将有的几个孩童会因为需要缴费而错失打棒球的机会。

There is a lot of work done every year to ensure the success of the event however the biggest element for the success is two fold…

First the teams that participate, arriving 8 or 9 am cooking a huge amount of food and then serving all day. Secondly you the people! Turning up, buying a ticket turning up in the numbers you do ensures the events success.

This year also saw an after party held upstairs. The Hollywood Baby Too band entertained us with some great live music and DJ Pete finished the night with an epic disco. Because neither of them charged any money, the pub donated all revenue on standard drinks to the Dragons. Teams, Judges, Customers and Organisers all agreed it was a very enjoyable way to end the night.
今年继辣椒竞赛之后还有Hollywood Baby Too 乐队在二楼表演,而后DJ Pete为我们带来迪斯科音乐,也正因为该乐队&DJ不收取任何费用以及酒吧将当晚二楼所得的营业额都捐给东莞龙才有了可观的收益,参赛队伍、裁判、出席活动的所有人以及负责组织活动人员都一致认可那是及其有意义、愉快的夜晚。

There was 1 last prize sponsored by Jason. Everyone received a ticket for each drink they bought and the winner would get an apple watch 3 of their choice.

The original ticket pulled out was Digi’s fiancée Caesar, however he called us to say he felt it not right in winning and wanted to redraw the prize.

Despite our assurance this was unnecessary Caesar was insistent. So with the Chili committee we recalled the names of most of the guests present that night and put them in the tumbler. Darren drew out 1 name as the new winner of the after party apple watch, and the winner was…

BoBo Russell


BoBo Russell