The Dongguan Dragons are hosting their 8th Annual Chili Cook-Off & 4th to be hosted in the OFTR Beer garden.

The cook-off is the main fundraising event the Dragons hold every year to allow the children to play baseball FREE all year round.

It’s a fun event with plenty of activities for everyone to do including for the first time ever… A DUNK BOOTH!

One for the Road are donating Loch Ness Lager & Over Easy IPA for the Dragon’s to sell in the beer garden with 100% revenue going to the Dragon’s kids.

There are lucky draws & silent auctions.

But most importantly there are 12 very hard working teams making enough Chili to feed an army for everyone to try and enjoy!

Tickets are ¥100 for adults & ¥50 for children which includes you getting to try all the different Chilies.

2 years ago the Dragons had 50 children playing. The numbers now are up to 180 children so remember to come, participate in the events and most importantly “Drink for the Children!”

But it doesn’t finish in the beer garden. We have an afterparty where all revenue on standard drinks also go to the Dongguan Dragons.

The in keeping with our special relationship with the Hollywood Baby Jo, Frank & Tom have allowed their band to keep us entertained for the “After Party” starting 9pm.