In August 2015 One for the Road started rugby in Dongguan.

After six months of searching we finally found a field to play our first game.

It was quite amusing to see how many places refused to allow us to play rugby. So it was with some gratitude after talking with Jim Mann of the Dongguan Dragons ISD International School became the first field in Dongguan for rugby.
让人感到很诧异的是我们问了很多场地却都不允许打橄榄球,在与Jim Mann交谈后我们不胜感激。因为,东莞龙的ISD国际学校成了我们在东莞打橄榄球的第一个场地。

Over the next four months the numbers grew and it was decided to form the rugby into a club in and so the birth of the Dongguan Bulldogs.

Since then the rugby has moved from ISD and is now being played on grass pitches at Utahloy school or alternately the Astroturf sports field over the hill from One for the Road.

The “Dongguan Bulldog Pups” (kids rugby team) have already won four mini rugby tournaments proving to be the most formidable force in South China kids rugby.

The adults have also made their mark on the rugby scene by not only winning games but also being the most sociable club on the circuit.

In fact the progress of the adults rugby has been so fast they are already playing in contact tournaments.

The club features competitive and social teams and there are at least 10 female players already playing on a regular basis with the guys.

On May 6 the Bulldogs will be hosting a tournament at Utahloy school and One for the Road will be there to provide food and drink through the day, The pub will be donating all the profits on the food and all revenue on the drinks to the Dongguan Bulldogs to help the club make improvements and also to finance them to bring the game to the local community.

It will be a fun day out for everyone with lots of activities planned to keep you entertained between games.

We would appreciate the communities support for the event to ensure that the bulldogs are awarded this tournament every year. There will be a tickets sold but this will be inclusive of transportation and eat food and drink.

And the ticket will also include a lucky draw with some really great prizes.

So please reserve May 6 in your diaries and tell all your friends to do so as well.