We hope everyone is enjoying their Chinese New Year holiday’s whether that be relaxing in the solution free Dongguan or off somewhere a little more Exotic.


After all the parties and events in December, January has been a lot tamer.


We’ve had the live music in the garden but not on the 2nd floor.


We’ve been showing the live sports including early openings for the American Football. But February pick the pace up again with the Super Bowl, 6 Nations Rugby European Rugby & Super 18 Rugby as well European Football, Tennis etc…

我们一直有播放各项体育现场直播,包括美国橄榄球的早期开幕式。二月份的体育赛事接踵而至,包括Super Bowl、英国橄榄球、网球……

So as always we will be showing all the action for you to enjoy where ever and it might be played.