Saturday June 2 will mark the farewell hash of our DGH3 Grandmaster and his better half…

And to mark the occasion, Saturday’s Hash has over 70 runners participating.

The Hash House Harriers (the Dongguan section is known as DGH3) are the fastest growing adult sporting group in Expat Dongguan averaging 10 new members every month.

The hashing motto is that “we are a drinking club with a running problem and the DGH3 certainly live up to that motto!该运动的座右铭是:“我们是一个饮酒俱乐部且跑步成瘾的一个运动团体,而DGH3完全符合这一座右铭。

Over 50% of the active members are husband & wife (girlfriend/boyfriend) runners which makes this perfect for couples to enjoy a healthy activity together as opposed from most other adult sports groups around the city that divide or exclude the genders from participating together.

Many peoples misperception about the hash is that you run from A to B. This is in fact wrong!

Normally 2 or 3 “Hares” will plot a course out in chalk giving a trail for all the other runners (known as hounds) to follow. However the hares like to leave “false trails” to trick the fastest runners in the wrong direction so the majority of the group whom are fast walkers/joggers can keep up. 

As well as false trails another slow down tactic is a beer stop where the whole group stops to have a beer before carrying on the journey.

The DGH3 is growing so fast it has been designated the host city for the All China Hash for 2019.

So if you want to join Dongguan’s most laid back socially friendly sports group in Dongguan, come and talk to Jason.