As most of you know, One for the Road’s baby sister opened it’s doors to business on December 7th, and the response from everyone that has been there has been very positive!


This was a partial opening (the bulk of our kitchen staff are to arrive January 6 and we still have some equipment installations to complete) and everyone can’t wait to sample the full menu.


The “Fish & Chip” kitchen has been open every evening and the comments have been narrowed down to 1 word…..



The quality of ingredients and recipes of the Fish & Chips are the same as One for the Road, but the machinery is not. And the quality coming out is so much better, to the point that One for the Road are looking at importing fryers from the same company to give our regulars the improved quality as well…


Tower Bridge’s soft opening will be on January 12 with when the full menu comes online.


If you and your friends would like to enjoy the soft opening then everyone needs to join the Tower Bridge WeChat subscription to receive an invitation.


There will be a lucky draw on the day where customers could win ¥1000 credit!


For every 100 subscribers we will put up a ¥1000 credit for example, if we get 961 subscribers there would be 9 x ¥1000 credit prizes to be drawn.

每100个客人可以接收邀请函我们将提供一张1000元代金券,比如说,如果我们有961位客人申请了参加开业,将会有9 张¥1000代金券进行抽奖。

So join the Tower Bridge Subscription, receive your invitation to the Soft Opening and get all future information on what’s going on. And share with your friends…