Our new Greene King’s Saturday Night Live started in July @ One for the Road and was a huge amount of fun!
We had around 60 people upstairs for the live music with Flower Bridge.
Rotten Tomatoes Karaoke Night saw some epically dreadful performances as well as some very good singers but all involved came down crying from so much fun.
DJ Pete will start the disco nights this month and already has a cluster of regulars in his fan group SO COME, TRY, ENJOY!

Each month on a Saturday we will have:

  • A top live band once a month.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Karaoke
  • DJ’s Rock Disco Night


  • 每月一次的顶级乐队表演;
  • 烂番茄卡拉ok之夜;
  • DJ摇滚之夜 .