This years Halloween party was our busiest yet, the new garden being able to seat 160 people our capacity expanded dramatically. However even with the expansion there were not enough tables and chairs for everybody but that did not dampen the mood on the night as people were very happy to stand and congregate and chat with their friends.

The costumes were fantastic and many enjoyed the disco of DJ Ronnie as well.

The face painters were busy from seven until 11 painting faces non-stop and a special thank you goes to CiCi for helping us procure their services and the face painters themselves for their tireless work.

But for me the biggest thanks goes to the dedication and huge effort from the staff!

They were so busy they did not have time to eat from 6 PM till close. The dayshift only managed to finish work at midnightwhich meant they had worked 13 hours that day and all must have run the equivalent of a marathon or two that night and again underscores how lucky the pub is to have such an awesome team working in the pub.

But also please remember our unsung heroes in the back that cooked 642 meals that night. It’s never easy and always hot, but they managed superbly considering the sheer numbers involved and we thank you all for your patience  on the night.


Please enjoy the photos, share their links on social media, and come join us for our Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve parties this year!

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