We would like to thank all our friends and customers that came for our Halloween party and hope you had as much fun as we did!

By the volume of drinks consumed we are guessing you did have as much fun as it is not often that we need to go downstairs for more glasses.

I would also like to thank:
* Our staff in the kitchen and out front for handling the waves food and drink order.
* 我们的工作人员,厨房工作人员和所有马不停蹄地处理一波又一波食物订单&酒水订单的工作人员。
* The face painters for painting 400 faces (including mine) from 7pm – 11pm.
* 化妆师们,从19:00~23:00一直不停歇地工作、为400来人化妆(包括我在内)。
* DJ Dale for the awesome disco so many loved!
* DJ Dale ,Dale带来迪斯科音乐深受大家喜爱!
* Adam of Kung Fu Imaging for all of the fantastic photos he took the whole night!
* 功夫摄影的Adam,不辞辛劳地拍摄,这些美照都是Adam 一整晚拍摄的成果!


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