Halloween & New Years Eve are the two biggest nights at One for the Road and to be honest the two biggest stress nights for us as we always try to find ways of making the events bigger and better.

This year proved to be no different the highest attendance ever. At one point around 11:30pm it was estimated an incredible 650 people were at the pub making Halloween 2015 the most epic party this pub has had the privilege to host and we would like to thank:

  • All of you, the customers as it is only a success because you came along.
  • My staff
    • The night service staff for dealing with the sheer numbers of drink and food orders (they never had a break from 6pm till 3am)
    • The kitchen for getting out 760 meals in a timely fashion. They slaved away in the hot kitchen the whole day preparing and night serving
    • The day shift for preparing everything to help the night shift rush
    • The Admin also for the pre-party preparation
  • Rico, my sound and visuals supplier for his services and supplying equipment. He also stayed the whole night to make sure the technical glitches did not turn into full-blown catastrophes which we never asked but was extremely grateful for
  • The various media outlets for sending photographers over to cover the event
  • My wife & Adam Crase for being the pub photographers
  • DJ Ronnie for the awesome disco non-stop from 10pm to 3am
  • CiCi Gineselet and her face painters (they painted faces non-stop from 7:30pm till 11pm painting over 300 faces)
  • And again all of you the customers for dressing up, getting in the spirit, making it such a fun night, it truly was an incredible night to remember!

It is only with all these ingredients and many more that can make Halloween the party it is!

Enjoy the photo’s on the gallery…