On January 20, the DongGuan Hash House Harriers will celebrate our 50th run.

The Drinking Club with a Running Problem was founded in Kuala Lumpur in the late 1930’s by A.S. Ignatius “G” Gisbert and several other hungover expats as a means of recovery.

The idea was to enjoy some exercise through a run, build up a thirst and then slake it with beer. It was a very popular idea which caught on. Hashers carried the idea worldwide, founding other “kennels”. The KL Mother Hash beget the Jakarta Hash in 1971, founded by Jeremy “The Burong” Pidgeon. Jakarta beget Manila in 1972, by founder James “Ratcatcher” Howard. Manila beget Porto in 1994, by founders  Nick Felsing and Ross Moodie. Porto beget DongGuan Dec 7, 2014, by Founder Liam “Snorter” Donnelly.

Today, the DongGuan Hash is going strong, running every two weeks at 3:30 on Saturday from The Road or other designated starting point. Each run follows a set trail with frequent switchbacks to cause the lead runners to cover more ground than some of the more leisurely runners back in the pack. The goal is for the group to enjoy a refreshing run with frequent stops for a breather or a beer and all finish in about an hour. It’s a great social experience. If you enjoy a jog and a beer, come join us. Next run is January 6 and our 50th is on January 20.

On On!

Chuck “Beaubuck” Gilreath, DongGuan Grand Master