When people think of watching sport, One for the Road is nearly everyone’s venue of choice.

It isn’t just because of our TV systems and the amount of people we can hold.

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Another huge factor is that sport is in One for the Road’s blood.

Not only did we start rugby, softball and cricket in Dongguan, we were also the first pub to have a football team, a bike riding club as well as helping to start the Hash House Harriers in the city.

So when it came to the biggest sporting events of the year it was no surprise the majority wanted to watch it at One for the Road.

We had more than 130 people purchase the early bird tickets who took advantage of a ETA or you can buffet during the event the buffet was so good and additional 40 people bought the tickets on the day.

In total we had over 200 people come to watch The Mayweather vs McGregor fight. And there was an electrifying atmosphere throughout the day.
我们一共有200多人出席观看梅威瑟 vs 麦克格雷戈的比赛。这一整天都充满着令人兴奋气氛。

We thank everyone who came for making the atmosphere so much fun and look forward to hosting the next major sports events in the city.

*Thanks to Dongguan HubHao for allowing us to use their photos.