2 years ago in May we had a stunning 300 people here to watch the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight.
两年前的五月份,梅威瑟 vs 帕奎奥的比赛,我们迎来了300人观赛的壮观场面。

It was a brilliant atmosphere with everyone getting into the event. The one problem was serving around 300 a la carte order in such a short time. In 2016 for the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight we made a eat all you can buffet.

This worked out far better for all concerned.

The Mayweather vs McGregor fight will have a buffet choice only. The second floor will be open for a la carte but WILL NOT SHOW THE FIGHT!
梅威瑟 vs 麦格雷戈的拳击赛时段将只提供自助餐。二楼将开放菜单,但没有拳击赛!

You can buy an early bird ticket available now until August 26th for ¥100 (this includes the buffet). On August 27th the price will be ¥175 as we prefer to get advance notice of how many are coming in order to estimate how many night shift need to start early.