One for the Road is always trying to improve your quality of life in Dongguan with things to do.

On Wednesday the 13th One for the Road is inviting a mixologist to head up a 1/2 price cocktail night! We’ll have a list of cocktails to choose from and enjoy a fun night on the 2nd floor!
13号星期三路上一杯将邀请调酒师到现场,引领一晚 半价鸡尾酒之夜!我们二楼将列出鸡尾酒清单以便您选择及享受!

As well as half priced cocktails to celebrate the middle of the week we will also run a disco to allow you to show off your dancing moves or just to enjoy the music and chat with friends, whilst the mixologist throws those bottles and shakers in the air dazzling you with the skill involved.