Several years ago two old men that were/are at lot fitter than most of us decided to start the Hash House Harriers in Dongguan.

They asked if we would assist and we were delighted to help.

For the first couple of years numbers were low so they started forcing their wives & subordinates to join in and got them hooked too!

Now the Dongguan Hash (DGH3) have 90+ active runners going out most weekends to wreak havoc around the city following trails, drinking beer and singing songs.

This September, Dongguan is hosting China’s 19th All China Nash Hash with fellow hashers coming to join us, not just from kennels around China, but all over the world!

This September One for the Road will be holding banquets for 100-150 hasher’s to ensure their time in Dongguan is remembered for years to come.

If you want to join us then contact Jason for details