As you know…

One For The Road has sponsored the Dongguan Hash House Harriers (DGH3) from the day it started. The DGH3 is the drinking club with a running problem and most social

众所周知,在东莞H3 (DGH3) 跑团成立的第一天便由路上一杯作为赞助商,DGH3跑团是个畅饮和解决跑步问题的社交俱乐部

With a lot of hard work & dedication we have over 100 active runners, and this year we’ve been nominated as the host city for the “All China Nash Hash”

经过我们不懈的努力与贡献,现在已经有超过100名的跑步者参与其中,且今年被“全中国Nash Hash”提名为主办城市

Through the sponsorship of both One for the Road and our sister pub Tower Bridge as well as Greene King & Stone Brewery’s we will ensure the reputation of Dongguan will held in the highest regard.


If you would like to join us and/or participated in the Nash Hash then talk to Jason of go to for more info.

如果你想加入我们或参与Nash Hash的,请找jason或者登陆www.dgh3.com查找详情