New Years was again a popular party for many in the city and we thank all who attended kicking One for the Road off to a great start of 2019. 新年再次成为这个城市许多人的热门聚会,我们衷心感谢出席的客人让路上一杯在2019有个伟大的开端。

Over the day we managed to feed close to 600 hungry souls wanting their last meal of 2018 @ One for the Road. 在这一天,2018的最后一顿晚餐,我们成功的喂养了接近600名的饥饿灵魂@路上一杯。

Drink wise i’m afraid I cannot tell you how many but I know it was a HUGE amount. 酒水方面恐怕我不能告诉你多少,但我知道这是一个巨大的数字。

The midnight countdown was as usual absolutely packed which you can see in our photo’s. 午夜倒计时像往年一样挤满了人,你可以在我们的照片中看到。

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