Since the very first day of opening one for the road has always been involved with sports.

We started a fun golf society which although not as active now is previous years we still go out and have fun on the courses when we can.

We made darts a weekly event in Dongguan which is still going strong to this day sometimes getting as many as 14 players upstairs for a fun tournament and great conversation

We were the first pub in Dongguan to have a football team.

We started a bike riding club although that didn’t last too long with the quality of drivers in the city making it an extremely hazardous hobby.

We have a scuba-dive society and sometimes go on group holidays overseas one of our biggest adventures had more than 30 divers involved.

We started from baseball in the Dongguan back in 2008 and still playing to this day getting numbers of as many as 40 players coming along on the day.

We help to get the hash house Harriers started in Dongguan (DGH3) and now have a strong regular group of runners going out every month for fun runs and even more fun social celebrations afterwards.

We started rugby in Dongguan with tag rugby that turned into touch rugby and evolved into contact rugby and although it turned into the Dongguan Bulldogs and is no longer part of the pub, there are still a few of One for the Road’s regulars that play and we were happy to hear they won the 9 Dragons Rugby featuring teams from Guangdong and Hong Kong

We are also very strong supporter of the Dongguan Dragons children’s baseball club all year round.

This year through three social events we helped to raise funds for:

  • Dongguan Bulldogs by One for the Road donating all revenue on food and drink at a tournament we catered to plus also donating sporting memorabilia for their auction with One for the Road alone helping to raise them ¥55,000
  • In June we helped the Hash House Harriers to host a major event involving hash clubs from all over the province providing them with a barbecue which apparently is still talked about on hash runs around the country. All the food was provided by the pub which allowed the DGH3 to raise funds to allow its members more privileges on the monthly house runs.
  • In November we hosted the Dongguan Dragons annual chili cook off where this year they raised over ¥110,000 to allow hundreds of children to play baseball in Dongguan with no weekly fees.
  • 之后在十一月份我们为东莞龙举办了年度辣椒竞赛,今年为他们筹集的资金高达 ¥110,000以上,这笔资金允许孩子们免费每周在东莞打棒球,不用担心因为缴费问题而错失打球的机会。

If you’re new to Dongguan and want to get involved in sports then come and see Jason at the pub and he will point you in the right direction.