The Pub golf has been running since the beginning of the pubs inception not surprising our golf events focus on the fun drinking side rather then the serious scoring side.酒吧的高尔夫球运动项目自创立时就一直在运作,我们的高尔夫球运动注重的是享受运动过程,而非得分,这就是为什么我们的这一运动项目至今仍被保留下来的原因。

Each team has 50 beers in the cooler and there is a spare cooler at the staging area to restock on the back 9.

Team format is best ball (all 4 players play from the best positioned ball of the previous shot including the putting).

We play at Mission Hills, Hill View and also Harbour Plaza. We are also trying to get some night golf going which would be 9 holes at Hill View on a Wednesday night.

If you want to play please contact Jason

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