As One for the Road approach’s it’s 12th anniversary, We reflected on the fact that we have remained the No.1 venue in the city for all of that time, which is a testament to the food/drink & service given at the pub.路上一杯的十二周年即将来临,回想这些年来,我们的口碑在本市一直名列前茅,这不正是酒吧多年来提供了优质食物和饮品的最佳凭证吗。 

To show our appreciation to our Customers we have made a FREE BBQ to all our regular customers as well as bell ring’s and a lucky draw full of great prizes for all our guests!


Please only reserve tickets for you and your children (any reservation over 5 people will be disqualified) pass the details to your friends to register themselves to see if they qualify for the FREE BBQ as well.


But don’t leave it too late as the cut off date for tickets is June 21.