For a couple of years now One for the Road started and has been running a movie club for everyones enjoyment.

Many people love going to the movies, but it is difficult to enjoy over here due to the phone conversations whilst the movie is on or the child constantly talking asking questions or that person in front of you text messaging their friend with the screen on full brightness.

We have bypassed all of those issues by reserving the V.I.P. theatre of the Wanda theatre for 30 people to enjoy the movie as it should be, in relative silence.

We currently have exactly 100 members of our group chat and many of those have a spouse & or children so in reality I would estimate around 150 active members.

Movies coming are Valerian on Aug 31, Dunkirk on Sept 7, Spiderman Sept 14 and Planet of the Apes on Sept 21. Be part of the family and come join our club!
9月7日《敦刻尔克》、9月14日《蜘蛛侠》和 9月21日《决战猩球》。