March saw the pub move up a gear with the new food menu and the App running as it should.

Already several regulars have passed or are reaching 500 points.
有几位常客的积分已经超过或积到 500分了。

March also saw the Estrella Music Night come to life in a huge way.

The second floor on Saturday night is packed with people having an epic time and when the night has wound down and it was finally time to  leave, everyone said the’y be back for the best Live Music Venue in the City as it is now universally agreed that not only is the sound system better by far then anywhere else in the city, but also the standard of musicians we are bringing in are a level beyond the rest of town.

Our new drink menu will come out mid April and you will see the changes we have made in there as well. especially on premium spirits.

We also have a new surprise for all you foodies with a new additional food option.

Our Dongguan Bulldog’s have returned from another successful tournament where the “Pups” (the kids rugby team) won their fourth successive tournament and the adults did us proud by coming second in their first contact rugby tournament. In fact they could have come first had the FoShan team played their own players instead of enlisting the help of ringers into their ranks but the Bulldog’s should accept it as a complement that teams will act in desperation to beat them.

On May 6 the Dongguan Bulldog’s will host their first tournament inviting teams from all over Guangdong.

We ask everyone to support the Bulldog’s to make a fun day and come to watch and enjoy.

There will be shuttle buses provided to allow you to go from the pub to the ground and back again.

The pub will be at the ground providing food and drink with all the profits on food and all proceeds on the drinks going to the Bulldog’s to raise money for the kids equipment a gear as well as large sum earmarked for bringing the beautiful game to underprivileged children in Dongguan area.
酒吧将在球场边上提供食物和饮品,且所销售的利润将全权捐给东莞斗牛犬队以用作他们及东莞斗牛犬小小队的装备经费。 也为东莞没有装备经费的孩子们带来些许乐趣。

There will be a lucky draw and an auction. Fun games and activities For everyone to enjoy

And afterwards there will be an after party at the pub.

So please mark this day on your calendar as it will be a new enjoyable experience for everyone involved.