Last August, Greene King Brewery asked to invest in expanding pubs across the country.

We advised this would take time as the rental prices are crazy high.

In October a new development invited us to open a pub with realistic rental prices.

I am now proud to announce that One for the Road will have a sister pub when we open the first “Tower Bridge Pub” in China.

To start we are importing the real Fish & Chip shop kitchen equipment from Peterborough for a showroom Fish & Chip kitchen!

This pub will have all the state of the art equipment installed from automated cocktail machines to windows & mirrors that turn into the TV screens, to hand wash sinks making environmentally friendly programs.

It will be one of the most technologically advanced pubs/bars in the world the first being here in Dongguan with the intent of cloning the brand across China!

But don’t worry, Jason will still be firmly fixed at One for the Road. Stay tuned for info and photo’s as they come….