February sees the end of the NFL Season and the beginning of the 6 Nations Rugby!

With One for the Road investing in 2 new satellite systems (totalling 3) this means we have a total of 43 Realtime sports channels.

Add to this our 3 stream boxes with an additional 60+ sports channels we have the best selection in the City.

Both the new Satellite systems not only have recording abilities but also have different Rugby Channels to ensure we can show all the 6 Nations games realtime with ur streaming boxes as backup.
新的卫星系统不仅有录制功能,而且还有不同的橄榄球频道,这样我们便能实时播放6个国家的比赛, 而我们的流媒体盒可作以备不时之需。

See the attached full 6 Nations schedule to ensure you don’t miss a game.