There were a few shocks in the World Cup
For example England doing so well and other more traditional power football nations going home very early.

But one thing that did not come as a surprise was that the best place to watch these games was at One for the Road.

If you are WeChat friends with One for the Road you would’ve seen lots of clips of how busy the pub was and how great the atmosphere was.

This is for a number of reasons for example we are the only ones capable of serving so much beer and maintaining quality. This is because all of our beers are stored in walk-in fridges in the basement so even when we are super busy you’re not getting a large glass full of head and only a small amount of beer in the bottom of the glass.

Another reason was that our entire system was HD. It was amusing to see you some bars advertising they have a HD screen wall projector when it makes no difference if you do not have a high definition satellite feed.

And finally One for the Road has three different satellite boxes as well as four streaming boxes. The satellite boxes all have HD channels and our real-time live.

But in case there is heavy rain our streaming boxes are there as a backup although they do have a two-minute timelag which was another reason for one for the road been so popular for the World Cup.

We show literally every televised sporting events around the world because all of these different systems we have over 157 sports channels or channels that shows sports. Two new additions to our sports coverage are Galic Hurling & Galic Football. And now because every television is high-definition we can play the commentary on individual TVs so even if it’s not the entire pub that wants to watch and listen to the sport… YOU CAN!