One for the Road is releasing it’s 13th edition of it’s food and drink menu’s.

Over the years you have witnessed new menus, with new dishes, from One for the Road every year, which strangely appear on the menus the other pubs around town soon afterwards. But as the old saying goes “copying is the highest form of flattery from those with no imagination”

This year we are doing something different. We are reducing our selection with 20% of the food menu going and a further 20% on the drink menu being culled as well there will bar less to choose from.

This is aimed to speed up service in the kitchen & bar areas to reduce your waiting time.

However this is not all. We recognise Dongguan is going through a transition and things aren’t as busy as it used to be so we are changing our prices too.

With the new menu you will notice that things are cheaper. Yes cheaper!

We hope making the menu cheaper will encourage more customers to use our services more often so you save money.