August 31 sees the start of the Basketball World Cup & September the Rugby World Cup begins.

With our new TV Wall there is no better place to enjoy the games than at One for the Road. As we are the only establishment with real HD. 

Streaming internet is not HD but our satellites are.

As well as live satellite, the Basketball World Cup will have 13 games played in Dongguan including the forecasted  invincible team USA in the later rounds.

We have been in contact with the supporters clubs of USA, Canada & Australia and they were relieved to hear that Dongguan has a pub to cater to their needs.

Then at the end of September we see the start of the Rugby World Cup where once again we will be the only pub showing the game real time live instead of 5 minute delay streaming and constant buffering during the matches.

Let’s hope for the sake of beer sales England get further than last time!

We will also have some special promotions ongoing for every game with prizes and vouchers with the lucky wheel of fortune!