We hope everyone has kept safe over this virus crisis.我们希望大家都能平安度过这场病毒危机。

Obviously we are sorry we could not stay open but we will always cooperate with the government especially in assisting to eliminate this virus as quickly as possible so everyone may get life back to normal.

Once we are permitted to re-open we look forward to serving you and enjoying the rest of the year of the rat!一经许营业,我们期待随即为您服务,衷心祝愿大家能享受余下的鼠年时光!

One for the Road never rests and always re-invests into the pub to make the customers visits even better.

February will see us upgrading our POS system to allow our customers to order their food and drink directly from an app to receive quicker service without having to wait for a member of staff to place the orde.

As the system comes online we will make an independent notice with clear instructions on how to use this new feature.